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Being pioneers in the green funerals space, we have excelled in propagating our way of pursuing life and death to the common public which has resulted in huge acceptance in last ripples plantations

 From developing our patent-pending planting system and our ash neutralizer disc, which was never developed in our country. We have already laid up a precedent in the blue ocean untapped market to carve a niche for ourselves. 

Lately we stepped into giving back to the society through stray funerals for animals and planting a memory for their lives. Also feeding the stray animals to be the voice behind the voiceless. As a part of our future plans, we are also planning to foster and rescue animals under our own shelter homes. 

We proudly announce that we are the only organisation in India which concentrates on ash memory plantation and we also do lifetime maintenance of the plant, based on the lifespan of the plant.

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