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We are all able afford to give good farewell to our beloveds but what happens to the strays? How do they manage their meal everyday? How do they manage to keep themselves healthy despite the obstacles they face? What happens after they DIE? Yes, who takes care of their last rites? Dont they deserve to eat on time and say a proper Good Bye to Mother Earth? That is where Last Ripple is seeking your support.

We have atleast 3-5 stray deaths happening in Bangalore alone everyday which is lying unattended in the streets/drains/highways/garbage. We are taking care of giving a good farewell and planting a memory tree in their name in public parks. We would request your helping hand for the same. Below is the expenditure we incur when we do cremation for every pet

  • Logistics-Driver Bata and fuel expenditure.

  • Wrap the pet body in white cloth and garland it.

  • BBMP cremation charges.

  • BBMP bamboo-tray charges.

  • Ash pot charges.

  • Plant purchase and plantation.

  • Manure and Ash Neutralizer Disc charges.

  • We provide lifetime maintenance of the plant-depending on the lifespan of a particular tree. Hence manure it every month.

  • Paying the private park in-charge the maintenance fees.

  • We also do one-time stray feeding for the pet-Cooked Rice and Chicken.


Each stray funeral, stray feeding and stray plantation costs us Rs. 3500/-. We request each one of you to lend a helping hand in making our earth a better place to live and helping each other especially the VOICELESS. Come and support us generously and be part of our initiative by making your kind contributions.


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