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Cherish the growth of a plant in the memory of your beloved!

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About Last Ripple

LAST RIPPLE is India’s first initiative to create biodegradable urns which turns your beloved into living memory trees. 

Upcoming Projects to Fund

Here at LASTRIPPLE FOUNDATION, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change



Our strength is amplified with collective action, and you can help make a difference with LASTRIPPLE right now! The support we receive is a huge driver of the good work we do in addressing some of society’s most challenging problems. Get in touch today and join our community in making a lasting impact.

What is UNIQUE about us?

Being pioneers in the green funerals space, we have excelled in propagating our way of pursuing life and death to the common public which has resulted in huge acceptance in last ripples plantations

Get to Know Us

We envision a different approach to the way we think about death. Cremated Ashes will be held in our planting system which turns into a living memory. The simplest way to combat climate change is to just plant a tree and nurture it.